UPDATE: November 29, 2020 – I will soon be updating this blog and hope to maintain it regularly in the future. Last year, at age 78, I began suffering from a neuropathy that included the classic symptoms of tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. A neurological exam came up with a non-specific diagnosis of age-related nerve degeneration. I closed my woodturning shop, and sold all of my woodturning tools and equipment. I had a wonderful eight years of woodturning here with the local tropical hardwoods.

I will continue to support and mentor my friend, Peruvian expat Richar Huisa, as he expands his range of art styles to airbrushing and internet marketing.

I can still drive, but my mobility has become quite limited and I walk with a cane most of the time. I just purchased a rather expensive high-intensity Red/Infrared LED light therapy panel (LINK) and use it daily. It seems to be helping a bit, but only time will tell if it can stabilize or even improve my condition. If it does, I will create a separate set of pages about red light therapy here at my blog since I have a good medical background as a former U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, as medical research technician, and as a scientific software sales and support person.


I created this website to host a blog, photo galleries, and other information for myself and my artist friend Richar Huiza, a very talented artist from Peru, who like me, now resides in the highlands of Western Panama.

Our town of Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama, is an old agricultural and ranching community nestled in a mountain valley about 60 miles from the Costa Rica border, and 35 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  Boquete is about 3,200 feet above sea level at the edge of the cloud forests of Panama and Costa Rica. Some call this place the land of eternal spring and rainbows.

I am a 79 y/o retired American – an “expat” from Sonoma County in Northern California – and now a legal permanent resident of Panama.  I moved here in 2012, and shortly thereafter, purchased a wood lathe to resume my hobby of artistic woodturning.  A little over a year ago, Richar, who is a fellow arts and crafts vendor at a weekly Tuesday morning market in town, came to me and asked me turn some plates for him to paint.  It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and collaboration in artistic endeavors that continues to grow.

Richar Table at Parque Central - 01.jpg
Richar Huiza
David van Harn